Molly Fletcher – Artist BA Hons

molly_sculpMolly Fletcher has a painting degree from Kingston-on-Thames School of Art. Since then over the years she has worked in both 2D and 3D. Molly jointly set up Arts Republic, a public art group making wind and solar powered sculpture and automata/donation boxes. Automata are rather like animated versions of Molly’s 3D work.

She has written and illustrated children’s picture books. These are informed by her first hand experience of reading to young children and realising how short their attention span is and the importance of their interaction with who ever is reading with them.

Always a keen ‘wild swimmer’ swimming in lakes, rivers and the sea Molly swims with the ducks all year round at The Ladies Pond, Hampstead Heath. Inspired by that very special place Molly spent a week sketching there and from this made a series of ‘Ladies Pond’ paintings for a one person show at Lauderdale House, Highgate which was well received.

Molly has always been interested in the human form and has regularly kept up life drawing where she started to work in clay directly from the model. As she could only see the model from one angle she calls these her 2.5D work.

She also makes special occasion 3D models for weddings and birthdays. People seem to treasure these over a life time.

Molly is happiest working in her studio seeing progress developing on multiple projects.



Kingsgate Workshops Open Studio Weekend

Molly Fletcher will be presenting new 2.5D sculptures at the Kingsgate Workshops Open Studio Weekend.

Friday 22 ~ Sunday 24 June

Friday 6-8pm
Saturday & Sunday 12-6pm

Kingsgate Workshops
110 – 114 Kingsgate Road
London NW6 2JG
Current projects

She is currently working on two new children’s picture books ‘Higher and Higher’ and ‘The Tube Mice’ as well as on 8 new wall hung sculptures.

Her most recent book, ‘Lost Land’ was published in January 2018.

Recent projects

Blue Whale being refurbished

Blue Whale being refurbished

Recently, the Blue Whale mural at Salusbury School in north west London has been refurbished after 17 years.